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A day in the life of Fairmount’s principal

31 January

Jeremy Hilinski was chosen to lead Fairmount as principal starting in the 2010-2011 school year. Get to know him — and the school! — in just a few minutes with this great video, shot and edited by Fairmount parent Tom Corvin.

Fairmount School yields bilingual dishes (SFGate)

02 January

“…but I had a secret agenda that had little to do with the girls’ education: The school community was known for its food. I knew we would eat well, and learn about other families’ Latin American culinary traditions by being a part of it…”

Why I love Fairmount (SFGate)

03 February

Fairmount parent Lauretta Oravitz-Komlos has a second grader and a kinder in our Spanish Immersion program. Read what she has to say about the passion and nurturing that are helping her children learn and grow.

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